Mission, Vision & Values
To nurture every child's uniqueness and enable them to grow holistically by developing a soild foundation of Skills, Values, Knowledge and creating opportunities to contribute towards society.

Our Mission

To ensure that the educators are well qualified to teach about various learning areas and provide our staff with a professional and happy environment, conducive to teaching and learning. To encouage interests and skills that contribute to fulfilment of life.

School Moto

We Love, We Care and We Educate.

Our Values

  1. Committed
  2. Practical Exposure
  3. Creative Thinking
  4. Future Focused

Student Goals

To identify and nurture their talents - Wisdom School believes that every child is blessed with some talent, which if identified and nurtured, can help them grow into confident, and happy individuals.

To be kind and forgiving - Our students learn the importance of kindness and forgiveness, from the very beginning, so tomorrow when they grow up, they give much more to the society as a part of their social obligation.

To help one another -Wisdom schools believes that each one of us is dependent on one another, in fact that is the very foundation of human society. Our students, learn to help one another and establish a foundation for selfless society.